Interview with Hendrik Klindworth. The InnoGames CEO tells the secrets of a leading company in the mobile and browser-gaming sectors.

This year it’s InnoGames 10th anniversary. What are you thinking about to celebrate the achievement of this significant goal?

It’s very important for us to recognize our players and employees during this year of celebration. Without them we wouldn’t be able to have the success we have so far. Thus, it’s important for us to create multiple ways to show both our players and employees that we are thankful for them. Throughout the year, we will have multiple approaches of showing our appreciation, including a bigger version of our annual summer party.

Is there a “lesson” you learnt during this period? If so, would you like to tell us something about it?

You need to keep learning to grow in this industry. Every new launch taught us how to better develop a process or presented us a different focus. For example, while we are still focusing on browser games, we learned from our growth that mobile is the future. So, we took our knowledge from launching cross-platform games and transferred it to our development of our first mobile-only games.

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Considering your growth of 68% in the mobile area, should we believe you will continue to concentrate only on this sector?

While mobile is now our focus, browser will continue to be important for our company. The revenue we see on browser and the number of active players on it are a clear sign the platform is still strong.

Which was InnoGames secret to become such an efficient company? Which could be your suggestions today for young entrepreneurs?

Our biggest assets are our focus on quality and our workforce. Quality has always been our main objective and this focus forced us to rapidly learn and identify what makes a successful game. This concrete ambition coupled with our stable management team meant that we could carry the core values and experience from the beginning until now. As an international company, we recruit the best candidates from all over the world, bringing their experience into our teams and making our products better.

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The gaming industry in Europe: which are your forecasts in this sense?

Throughout the years, the gaming industry has seen a slower adoption of mobile gaming in Europe compared to other markets like North America and the Asia-pacific market. Our growth and other trends point to a higher overall growth in the market in the years to come.

We know you will hire 50 new people in 2017. Which are the profiles more in line with your research?

We are known for our sustainable growth and it is with this aim that we approach all our hiring practices. While we plan to grow the company in general and hire in many departments we are specifically focusing on industry veterans, those with a senior profile and those with a passion for making games. Especially employees with a focus on Unity 3D, C++ and C#.

In the latest months did any aspect change regarding your community of Italian gamers?

Italy was and still is an important market for us in Europe with promising growth rates.

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