Konami ha diffuso tutti i dettagli sul primo grande update per Metal Gear Online, la componente multiplayer di Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

L’aggiornamento arriverà il mese prossimo, risolverà alcuni dei bug e degli errori presenti attualmente nel gioco. Non solo, verranno anche implementati diversi miglioramenti al matchmaking, al movimento dei personaggi e le armi.

Ecco il changelog completo della patch 1.01:


  • You will now be matched with players of similar level to your highest character level

  • It is now less likely to join a host with poor network connection.

Mission Adjustments

  • The game will now end once all teammates are stunned or tranquilized in CLOAK AND DAGGER.

Loadout/Equipment Adjustments

  • The “E.LOCATOR” will now only available for the Scout class.
  • Machines guns and launchers will now only be available for the Enforcer class.
  • Shotguns will now only available for the Infiltrator class.

    *As a result of these changes, custom loadouts will be initialized during the maintenance period following the update patch.

Character Ability Adjustments

  • Overall movement speed will be increased.
  • Mobility has been re-balanced to allow faster travelling between objectives.
  • Infiltrators will have health and stamina decreased.
  • Enforcers will have health and stamina increased.
  • Scouts will have health increased.
  • Scouts will be able to mark targets more quickly while using binoculars.

Weapon Adjustments

  • Firing sway for Machine Guns will be reduced.
  • Weapon sway will be reduced overall when aiming in first-person view.
  • Damage inflicted by the Walker Gear’s Gatling gun will be reduced.
  • Walker Gears and Anti-Aircraft will now take more damage from certain weapons.
  • Weapon damage of certain weapons are being adjusted for better balance.
  • Damage value on the ISANDO RGL-220? will be significantly reduced.
  • Reduced ammo count on “ISANDO RGL-220? .
  • Max carry for “E.LOCATOR,””STUN GRENADE,” and “SLEEP GRENADE” will be reduced.
  • The throwing arch of the Empty Magazine will be invisible to enemies.
  • The noise radius made by Empty Magazines when they land will be expanded.

Item Adjustments

  • Max carry amount of “C.BOX” will be increased.

Stealth Camo

  • Stealth camo will be temporarily disabled when taking damage.
  • Battery life will be reduced, and battery will take longer to charge.
  • Marking time for cloaked players will be reduced.
  • Cloaked players detected with NVG will be marked in standard marking time.

CQC Adjustments

  • Range for CQC grabs will be narrowed.
  • Icon for CQC grabs will no longer be displayed.
  • Non-lethal damage done by CQC hits and grabs will be reduced.
  • 1-hit CQC knock-outs will become exclusive to Infiltrators with “CQC STEALTH+” Lv.2 or higher.

Fulton Adjustments

  • Fulton speed when using “FULTON+” Lv.2 or greater will be slowed.
  • When a player fultons an enemy, the fulton balloon and the enemy will be invincible to other teammates.

Buddy System Adjustments

  • Time required to establish a buddy link using the link action will be shortened.
  • Link action will succeed regardless of the direction your character is facing, as long as you are in range.
  • The buddy gauge will now clear at the beginning of each round.

Other Adjustments

  • Search filters in “SELECT MATCH” will be now saved.
  • Countdown time on the Spawn screen has been extended from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

Fonte: gearnuke.com

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